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A Growing 2018 Wedding Food Trend

It’s June! JUNE is a BIG WEDDING MONTH and going VEGAN is one of the Biggest Trending Food choices for 2018 Weddings. Whether it’s a 100% Vegan buffet, or many choices of Vegan dishes, Vegan food is making it’s Yummy Mark in 2018! These Vegan recipes could work for your next wedding! Vegan Wedding... Read More

Frank And Oak – Minimal Line is Eco-Fabulous!

Frank And Oak has a new line that would be perfect for a Fashionista’s 1THING to help Mama Earth and look Eco-Fabulous at the same time. Check out the new Minimal Line! You can cut your Eco Footprint w/ slim tanks, oversized blazers and office-ready pants in muted colors of blush, mustard and blue... Read More

Celebrate World Meat Free Week

Could you go a day without eating meat? In June, it all starts w/ #MeatFreeDay, on June 11, which can expand into celebrating #MeatFreeWeek June 11 – 17th. An entire week without meat. How can it be done? Start with going #MeatFree for 1 meal and find your inner herbivore! Knowledge is power. Going... Read More

Beat The Heat This Summer with These Energy Saver Tips

Worried about high energy bills this summer? Follow these tips to a “cooler” and less costly summer! Close blinds and curtains on sunny days Use bathroom and kitchen fans to remove heat and humidity produced by bathing and cooking Run the dishwasher and laundry at night, when it’s cooler Plan meals... Read More